Wiener Modellbau Manufaktur on line shop & own manufacturing
The Modeller on line shop & own manufacturing with lots of information about KuK history 
Die deutsche Luftwaffe im Modell  Wolfram Bradac's private homepage with lots of galleries mostly WW2
Modellbau Paul Vienna store in Vienna & on line shop (very nice guy)
Zinnfigurenwelt Katzelsdorf  Museum for the history of tin figurines


Plastic Soldier Review information and reviews for the 1/72 collector
Fuhrmann-Figuren on line shop & own products
Valdemar Miniatures  on line shop & own products & nice galleries - the leading producer for 1/72 middle age figurines
Kamar Figuren on line shop & own manufacturing
Modellinternational on line retail shop
Drum and Flag online store for figurines in all scales - ebay
Alwaysmodel  nice on line store from Korea
Modellbau Luft Houses, castles and more - just incredible!
FB minis great modelling pale
Fredericus-Rex - wonderful laser cut buildings, scenery accessories, figurines, flats etc.  (also sells Nikolai products)

Germania Figuren shop for 1/72 and 4cm figurines (Distributor for NIKOLAI)

HZ forum forum for figurines (also flats) of all scales

Benno's figures forum for 1/72 figures and smaller

Modellfiguren on line forum for figurines of all scales

War and peace in miniature forum for 1/72 figurines

Inspiration  1/72 galleries

Gidian - Gelände - galleries and forum

Nicolas Cabaret - odd but most interesting dioramas